25 Memes That Sum Up Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman

The most ridiculous debate of the century, but even more ridiculous?!

They started talking about young men having to grow up and become responsible adults.

Newman was confused.

Newman wondered why Peterson was qualified to speak about men and women.

They started talking about the gender pay gap.

Newman tried putting words in Peterson’s mouth.

Most of the debate went like this.

Newman grasped for straws to stuff her straw man arguments.

Things got out of hand.

And they got heated.

Peterson got sick of Newman’s games.

Eventually, Peterson defeated Newman at her own game.

Newman’s heart melted after Peterson delivered his zinger.

Peterson clearly felt good about himself.

Newman realized she got stuck in her questioning and had to segue to a new topic.

So she asked about the lobsters.

But she got it all mixed up.

So Peterson specified his point.

Peterson emerged victorious, and Newman was harshly criticized, perhaps even abused, for the techniques she used in the debate.

Peterson told his followers to stop launching abuse at her.

Newman didn’t seem to be too worried about the impact of the interview.

But the future is impossible to predict.

In a later interview, Peterson admitted that he has an army of internet trolls at his disposal…

But pointed out his innocence, and remained aware of his powers and the responsibilities that follow.

Eric Weinstein diagrammed how this entire debate, and others like it, played out.

Later, calmer heads prevailed and Peterson was eventually applauded.

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All memes have been scoured from the darkest corners of the interwebs, including knowyourmeme.com, Maps of Memeing, YouTube, and Twitter.

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