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The marketing industry has a massive hard-on for thought leaders. Just check out this graph below on how “thought leadership” has grown as a buzzword.

If you wanna change people’s minds, don’t chastise them!

There’s a chastising genre of article floating around the internet where someone righteous climbs on top of a moral high horse and chastises you about there behavior.

We need to talk about those articles.

The (Made Up) History of “We Need To Talk About”

I’m speculating here, but my guess is that the very first “We need to talk about” article was written by a frustrated copywriter back in the heyday…

It’s just signalling anyway.

I used to attach this insane importance to the word “polymath”. Like so many other men in their twenties and thirties, I read the 4-Hour Work Week and bought the polymath hype.

What is a polymath? A polymath is just someone has learned many things. It’s originally a Greek word combining the word “poly” (which means “many”), and “math” (which is boring). …

Two women doing a video interview. Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash.

Definitions of content marketing are usually boring and pedantic. So here are some quotes that’ll improve your understanding of content marketing instead.

A wise man (probably Nassim Nicholas Taleb) once said something along the lines of “it’s better to do what you can’t explain than to explain what you can’t do.” That’s how I feel about content marketing.

Luckily, many smart people have tried to explain what content marketing is, so I’ve hand-picked some of my favorite quotes that are central to content marketing. …

A man reading a book while drinking coffee
A man reading a book while drinking coffee

How to spot BS, separate the wheat from the chaff, and get the most out of books in an industry full of hyperbole and false promises.

“Why do so many people need help? Life is not that complicated. You get up, you go to work, you eat three meals, you take one good s**t, you go to bed. What’s the f**king mystery?”

So goes the classic joke by legendary stand-up comedian George Carlin.

Self-help books are subject to criticism, and rightfully so. So many of these books are full of hyperbole, overhyped sales messages, false promises, and an over-reliance and overestimation of the reliability of psychological research and other dubious sciences.

Despite all these criticisms, these books keep selling.

I think people are buying hope. They…

Being alive in 2018 is to stand on the shoulders of giants who have made our lives easier, cleaner, longer, and straight up better.

Among some of the great inventions, I’ll mention plumbing, antibiotics, hygiene, phones, cars, electricity, flight, computers, and the internet.

Still, it’s not like all these inventions came without a cost.

Modern life is like frozen pizza.

Frozen Pizza Life vs. Stew Life

We’ve been reduced to living frozen pizza lives. The frozen pizza life is sometimes literal (shoutout to college students), but the metaphorical frozen pizza life affects almost everyone.

The past one-hundred years has been a progressive “speeding up” of almost…

Sleep science reveals how sleep improves your memory, helps you learn faster, makes you more disciplined, and increases your productivity.

Lack of sleep makes athletes perform worse, especially in endurance sports. English football teams have hired sleep coaches to make sure that their players are well-rested for the long and grueling Premier League season.

But sleep isn’t just important for top athletes and physical performance. Regular people like you and me who wake up in the morning, drink our morning coffee, and get on with the daily hustle also need a good night’s sleep.

While scientists haven’t figured out the ins and outs of sleep yet, we know it’s incredibly important. …

The traits of today’s BAD MFers.

Their youthful, masculine spirit makes them irresistible. Women want to be with them, and men want to be them. The bad boys are the guys college girls call daddy when their real dad is not around.

From James Dean in his muscle cars and that iconic red leather jacket to Brad Pitt’s anti-capitalist rantings as Tyler Durden in Fight Club (also in a red leather jacket), bad boys are a staple of popular culture.

But the bad boys are almost always countercultural. …

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Real world advice to help your son.

Responsible parents raise their kids to be able to take care of themselves. Just like bullying is a social problem, it’s a parenting problem. This article shows you how to bully-proof your kids.

I write from experience. I’ll use harsh words and I don’t censor anything. Bully victims live in a tough world. The psychological torment is insane for both sexes. However, boys have to deal with the physical threat of violence. …

How to use your phone for maximum productivity without being bombarded by distractions

Attending lectures.

I once took a class in science fiction writing because I wanted to understand how they worked. That class taught me a lesson that has stuck with me until now. All stories try to answer central questions about how we should live our lives. Science fiction stories try to answer how we can master technology instead of becoming slaves to it. Could you get any more relevant?

Real-life science fiction

All the…

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Copywriter, SEO, behavioral sciences.

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